“Without translation we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence”
George Steiner, After Babel

It is the translator’s task to find the words that best suit each part of the text, like pieces of a jigsaw. Whatever use we make of the text, the pieces must fit correctly.

To answer your translation needs in the English > Spanish and French > Spanish combinations I offer the following services:

      Localisation of web sites and multimedia contents.
      Translation in the fields of Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, Humanities (Literature, History, Art,…), Fashion and a long etcetera.
      Typographical and style editing and proofreading in Spanish and English texts.

In addition, to help your company reach a wider international market I offer:

      Multilingual web content management services.
      Bilingual management of your accounts in social networks.

If you wish to know more about my career, you can download my CV (in .pdf format) or check some of my recent projects. You can also contact me regarding any question or doubt on deadlines and rates through the contact form.

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